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Botanical Garden needs care and protection

Mismanagement in the National Botanical Garden has begun to take toll of many rare plant-species. Some-plant species are threatened with extinction. A report in New Age quoting a source mentions that land grabbing. Stealing, shortage of manpower and fund and lack of proper care are the causes behind the disappearance of these plants. The report further mentions that different government and private organisations have occupied 20 acres of land of the garden. Alongside this usurpation of land thefts of plants is also continuing. The lack of care is so conspicuous that even iron fencing for guarding against thefts is absent.

The National Botanical Garden is a pride institution which cannot be allowed to be swallowed up by different variety of predators, particularly land grabbers. All talk of conservation will ring hollow if the botanical garden which is home to some rare varieties of plants is not preserved. Theft of trees from the deep forests is a persistent criminality about which nothing has been done. But if trees are stolen from the National Botanical garden which is placed under intensive government care and protection then it means even a vestige of good governance is missing. Further damage must be halted and a committee of botanists and other specialists should be set up to examine the extent of damage and suggest ways and means of better preservation. But scientist will make recommendation once only, preservation is a matter of day-to-day care and administration.

If administration is not improved, if all the predatory elements are allowed to remain at work and nobody is made accountable, it will not be long when the garden will take the road of the city’s so many previous parks and lakes and thickets whose memory causes a deep nostalgic sigh. (Editorial, New Age, June 20, 2006)

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